This is how you present yourself during online TS dating

Online TS dating: one has more trouble with it and the other likes it and is exciting. Uncertainty is a regular occurrence when it comes to dating. You wonder if you are good enough, too fat, ugly or do you have a strange accent? Every person is unique and perfection does not exist. Therefore let go of that uncertainty, because that is not necessary for anything. Everyone can be there, so you too! To give you some tools, in this article you will find 5 tips on how to best present yourself online when you are dating.

1. Choose the right photo

People are visually oriented, so it starts with choosing the right photo. Rule number 1: choose a qualitative and recent photo that shows you well and not a blurry photo. Avoid sunglasses, because you want to be able to look someone in the eye at a photo. Also leave out group photos, because then the other singles don't know who they are dealing with. Finally, for our Trans-oriented men, it is wise to avoid bare-chested photos. That way you don't give a good first impression. Choose a spontaneous photo that makes you laugh or work casually. That often works best. Go for the most natural picture possible.

2. Be honest in your text

If you're going to write falsehoods about yourself in the text, you'd better throw in the towel right away. Because if you are not honest from moment one, it is very bad for the mutual trust and that is immediately a letdown. So be honest about your age, height, education, etc. The truth always comes up.

3. Write a tantalizing text about yourself

Write a funny and provocative text about yourself, exactly the same way you would imagine yourself in real life to a potential Transsexual date. Write it your way. Avoid standard texts or statically written texts, but choose a smooth way to introduce yourself and present yourself online. This way other Trans members get the best impression of you.

4. Start with a funny opening sentence

Avoid standard phrases such as “My name is…, I work as…, my hobbies are…”. And also avoid the simple phrases like 'Hi', or 'nice to meet'. Instead, choose a funny, creative or unique way to start your profile text. The most important thing is that you are yourself and that this is also shown in the profile text. It can help if you start with a funny opening sentence or a fun fact about yourself. That immediately breaks the ice and makes contacting you by other members easier.

5. Finish with a funny question

Close your own introduction text with a funny question, so that you open the door for other members to start a conversation with you. Think about a fun, concluding question sentence, which increases the likelihood of someone hooking up on it.

After reading the dating tips, it's time to put them into practice. Sign up today and discover the best Trans singles!