Trans women:
important things you need to know

Most male members of iDateTranssexual will already know a lot about Trans women. They may have already dated a Transgender woman or have done some research about T-girls before they joined the site.

Nowadays, Trans women are almost becoming "mainstream" and appearing in films, on TV, doing interviews and so on. As expected, more and more men are looking to date or even marry them. Specialized dating sites for Trans women such as iDateTranssexual cater only for Transsexual women and the men who long to meet, date and cherish them.

For men who'd really like to start dating Trans women themselves, let's give you some insights. As well as correcting such misconceptions and misunderstandings which seem to abound when the topic is T-girls!

Questions about Trans women abound

We'll pose some questions, but also give you some answers:

  1. What does the prefix "Trans" mean? It means across or through or beyond and is originally from Latin. Transgender women are usually considered as being "across" or "bridging" genders. However, this is not strictly true as, in reality, most Trans women are emotionally and, after breast and vaginal surgery, to all intents physically female;

  2. What does it mean to be Transgender? There are several "definitions" but being Trans is usually taken to mean a person who has a mismatch between their physical appearance and their mind and emotional/behavioral setup. In other words, their genitals may look male but their outlook on life and gender presentation is female. This is usually called "gender dysphoria";

  3. Is being a Trans woman a new phenomenon with the advent of the internet and social media? Not at all. For anyone who studies history, it is apparent that Trans women have been around for thousands of years. Even in Ancient Greek or Roman or Chinese societies, there are references to males who either dressed or presented as females. Emperors and other high-ranking men or soldiers often had Trans mistresses or lovers. Being Trans in ancient times often carried a special status and you can see this in some of the Native Indian or Pacific Island societies. In such societies, people of the "third gender" are revered for their ability to understand both the male and female psyche

The terms in use for Trans women have evolved over the years

  1. What other terms are or have been in use for Trans women? Over the years and in different countries or on different continents, various labels have been given to Trans women. The ones that can be used in the article without causing undue offense include: crossdressers, Transvestites, Transsexuals, Transgender women T-girls, "non-binary" or "gender non-conforming" women. Given the unfounded prejudices which still prevail in general society about Trans women, there are, however, many derogatory terms in use.

  2. Are Trans women confined to one segment of society? Is being Trans due to social situations? Being Trans does not discriminate by profession or social status. Trans women may be doctors or soldiers, bus drivers, office workers or architects. They may be wealthy or poor or be outgoing or shy and withdrawn.

    Trans women are quite diverse in terms of academic achievement. It's not that unusual for many Trans women to overachieve in their studies or in post study career and be driven to become, for example, a pilot. This is often to compensate for the issues to do with their gender status.

    You will also find that Trans women live in almost every country and every city in the world. This may be in the US, Canada, Norway or Spain or Brazil and so on;

  3. What makes people Transgender? The cause is believed to be genetic. A leading theory suggests that an unborn "male" child receives excessive doses of oestrogen. This shapes the mind and emotional set up of a child, causing a male foetus to grow up with a female outlook on life. No matter the cause, the fact is that being Trans is inbuilt and unchangeable;

  4. Do all Trans women have surgery? No, some T-girls have no major surgery at all and are content with their bodies and their "extra" body part. Others deem it essential to have breast implants and genital reconstructive surgery to become "complete women". In the middle are those Trans women who may have breast surgery but keep their penises as a point of difference from other women;

  5. Are Trans women gay? The sexuality of a Trans woman can be quite diverse. Some Trans women only wish to date and have a relationship with men. Others are happy to be with a man or a woman and yet others only have relationships with women.

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