Online Transsexual dating - Safety Tips

Chemistry is one of the prime things to consider in a relationship. Here at IDate Transsexual, we guarantee that we take great steps to create a personalized dating experience for you. To provide you with the best matchmaking service possible, we want you to read first on how to date safe since we do not have full control of your online and offline connection.

Producing a great and secure dating profile

Be cautious when sharing your personal information

Love can be a great thing but it may also make you do stupid things. Always remember to keep things private. Don’t tell your email, home address, phone number, and other important information that can be used by others to acquire your identity.

Never ever share your password

It is your best defense against hackers. Plus, all your sensitive personal information are in your profile and you don’t want it compromised. It is also recommended that you change your password frequently so that no one will easily obtain your profile.

How To Properly Connect With Other Singles

Use our platform as your only source of communication

Don’t say yes if someone asks you to talk outside our provided messenger, especially if you just knew him or her recently. Build your trust and see if someone is worthy of really knowing you in a deeper level.

There’s no rush in love

You ever feel like you are running out of time to meet the right person? Have a decent amount of time to know someone. Don’t let your feelings fool you. Sometimes an infatuation can already make you believe its love. But, just to be sure, trust your instincts and be familiar first with the person you are dating.

Do not just easily send money

Of course, it is up to you if you really want to give to your partner. However, if you are being nudged or forced to do so, you can easily report to us so that we can immediately mediate and stop all communication between the two of you. Don’t let yourself be scammed!

What You Should Do On Your First Date

Always choose a crowded area as a meeting place

You have to gauge if your online date is really who he is. Further, areas with a lot of people will allow you to run or shout if anything happens. An isolated place can be unsafe since you don’t know what to expect yet. It is also a good idea if you are not yet sure if you’ll click or have conversations like what you engage in online.

Be independent

You are still testing the waters that’s why it is not recommended for you to be picked up by your date at your home. Find a reliable transportation so that you also will not be obliged to stay if your date gets awkward.

Inform your friends or family

Say to people you trust where you are going. That way if something happens to you, somebody knows where you are. Moreover, you also have to tell them if you had fun on your date or if you are already home – it will certainly take of their worries!

Be careful of liquor

Don’t get drunk on your date. First, it is unappealing and once you’re drunk, your date might take advantage of you.

Successfully staying away from scammers

Be mindful of the people you meet here. Though we scan each and every profile before allowing it to be posted, we also can’t control if there are people who will still take advantage of the weakness of our system. If you think you are being scammed, we can always help you right away. Just report it to us.

Warning signs

Check out the signs or confirmation that you are already facing a scammer. Keep note of the things below:

  • Tells you a sob story and then immediately asks you for financial help because only you can help him or her
  • Tries to convince you to talk outside our platform
  • His or her online profile does not match your conversations
  • Has unrealistic or fake photos and don’t want to open his or her camera to confirm identity
  • The profile vanishes and suddenly he or she is using a different profile using an altered name
  • Immediately tells you that he or she loves you
  • Shares that you are from the same country but he or she is traveling around the world or working/living overseas
  • Doesn’t really share much about himself or herself
  • Oversharing of his or her story when you only just recently met online
  • Tries to convince you to give him or her money to get visa/airfare
  • Gives you the responsibility of paying for the internet bill or load so that he or she can continue talking to you
  • Suddenly there’s a medical issue/emergency that needs your support
  • Asks you to donate for a good cause
  • Convinces you to fund his or her business venture