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iDateTranssexual strives to give you the ideal transgender dating experience. To do so, we go at lengths to provide a customized experience for you. This notice is to allow you to understand detailed information on what cookies are, how our website uses it and the choices you can make while using it.

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Granting Permission to Use Cookies

Cookies are small text files which allows us to increase the speed and security of our site, make the website work efficiently, spare you from having to login every time, and recall your settings during your visits. Those are just some of its important functions. Another great example would be assisting our site to remember that you have answered certain questions already and helping us avoid to repeat the same questions again.

On the other hand, we do not use cookies to collect any personal and sensitive information nor do we give your data to third parties. Our commitment is to always make sure your account security will never be comprised. However, if you still feel uncomfortable about choosing to allow the use of cookies, you can easily turn it off through the settings in your web browser. Just click the Help tab of your browser for further information. But remember, once you limit us, we also can’t promise that you’ll experience the best our site can offer.

Kind of cookies we use

Types of Cookies Significance (Why We Use It)
Necessary Cookies

These help you navigate on our site excellently. Enabling secure access to areas of our site is just one of the many things it can do. Without these, the most important functions of our website can’t be used properly.

Performance Cookies In keeping up with our promise of providing you relevant information and amazing online dating experience, we use analytics to understand how people use our website. Through this, we can see which function is most helpful to our users, identify when errors occur, and what features are still needed to improve the performance of iDateTranssexual.

In addition, these can also be used to collect how many people visited our website already. In the process, we also collect what kind of technology you are using, how long you spend on our site, what page do you usually look at – all in the name of improving our site.

Functionality Cookies Don’t want to type in your username every time? These cookies help you do that. It allows us to remember the choices you make to give you an enhanced and more personal feature. We don’t collect your names when these cookies are collected and you remain anonymous throughout the process. These are also not collected so that we can sell advertising to you, instead, these are solely used to make your online dating involvement more relevant to you.

Not yet satisfied with our explanation? If you still have any questions, head to our Privacy Policy and you may also find relevant details stated there.