Reason I joined the iDate Transsexual dating site

About two weeks ago, I read somewhere that iDateTranssexual was doing a survey amongst their members as to why they joined the dating site. I thought about it for a while and then realized that I am a “typical” member. So, I contacted the Admin staff of the site and asked could I participate in the survey. As it turned it was not a survey as such, you just had to answer the question: Why I joined iDateTranssexual.

Easy, I thought. I’ve got so many reasons why online dating site are a blessing for T-girls like me. So, without further ado, let me give you my reasons:

  • I am a nice and decent man from the US. I live a fairly small town about one hour’s drive from Los Angeles on the west coast of the country. I travel up to the main city area at least once or twice per week for business and to meet some friends;

  • iDateTranssexual is one of the best-known, specialized Trans dating sites on the internet. It enjoys a good reputation for only having genuine members and a good success record of matching T-girls and men looking to date them;

  • I am looking for genuine, sincere man to date; hopefully, start a long-term relationship with and who will love me for what I am;

It rarely loves at first sight so a Transgender woman needs some options

  • the site offers me plenty of options in terms of the types of men I, or any T-girl, can meet. There are older men and younger men; some are tall and thin, others shorter and with a little extra weight. In other words, a great selection;

  • there are men from all over the world. I can see some profiles of men from Los Angeles itself or other cities such as San Francisco also along the west coast. Plus, of course from many other US cities, including New York and Chicago. That’s not to mention the men from other countries such as the UK, Spain, France or Germany. A Trans woman is almost spoilt for choice!

  • it’s quick and easy to join iDateTranssexual. It took me literally only a few minutes to enter my email address and get access to the site. Filling in my profile was fun, as was uploading my photographs. I’d love to put a few sexy photos of me on the site but there are strict rules as to what is acceptable and what not. To be fair I can understand this. It’s just that when I do meet a man I really like, I’m sure we can find a way for him to see some of my more “exciting” photos. After all, I know I have a great figure so why not share it with someone!

  • online dating for Transgender women saves so much time, it’s unbelievable. I know it’s a cliché but you can do all of your initial contact and dating from behind a keyboard and computer screen. No messing around spending hours getting ready and heading to some bar or club in the city. Spending more time hanging around just hoping you that you might meet a nice man. And then being disappointed when you don’t! Or, worst of all, thinking you have to so the same thing the next week and so on until you meet a nice, genuine man. Online you can find a man in minutes not weeks or months!

Trans women prefer to know men reasonably well before they meet

  • another cliché but it’s true. You can get to know a man really well online even before you decide to meet him. You can spend however long it takes chatting, flirting and finding out all you need or want to know about him even before you leave your home. I can’t stress how important this is to Trans women. Safety and security are paramount. Especially in the US where, this year, the murder rate of Transgender women is heading for an all-time high;

  • you usually know within a week or so if a relationship is going to develop. The more you find out about a man before you meet the better. Actually, it works both ways. So, the more you find out about each other will give you a better idea if you are going to be compatible for the long-term. If it looks like it’s not going to work, you can call it quits and take the man off your “possible” list before you spend too much time

  • all of the man on the site know they are contacting or talking with Transgender women. No mistakes or misunderstandings! You don’t know how comforting this it. We Trans women live if fear of being verbally harassed or even worse if a man doesn’t know we are Trans at the outset and subsequently then finds out;

  • with iDateTranssexual’s great track record and wide variety of profiles of men looking to date Trans women, I know I am almost guaranteed to find a nice, genuine, sincere man.

Not too much to ask is it?