What do you know about the journey of a Transsexual woman?

Once you have become a member of IDate Transsexualand are looking through the profiles of the various Transgender beauties, give some thought to the journey each girl has undertaken. It doesn’t matter if the lady is a Trans woman from Europe, Australia or the US; or a Ladyboy from Thailand or a Trans-pinay from The Philippines. She has probably been through much the same sort of journey.

Now she is listed on one of the most popular T-girl dating sites looking for a man to date, have a long-term relationship with, and maybe even marry. But, for most Transgender women, it’s been a long, hard journey to get where she is today.

Transgender women need empathy and understanding

So, when you are chatting or talking to a Trans girl on IDate Transsexual, show some empathy and understanding. Show her that you are aware of and understand some of the trials and tribulation she has been through. You can still admire her femininity and her beauty, but keep in mind what it has taken to reach the point she is now at in her life.

Trans women are emotionally and, for the most part, physically women. For anyone who says it is a lifestyle choice and that being Transgender is “curable” is completely wrong. And it doesn’t take a genius to work this out! Being Transgender is often wrongly equated with being gay. But think about it: being gay is a sexual preference, it is all about who you prefer to sleep with/have sex with. Being Trans involves doubting your gender and is when your mind/spirit does not match your physical being. This is known as gender dysphoria. For Transgender women, this can be corrected by surgeries and hormones. For gay people, their choices about the gender of their sexual partners will never change.

If you have some doubts that being Trans is a choice, consider:

  • who would willingly put themselves into a position where they are discriminated against by society at large? Who wants to potentially be ostracised by their families or run the risk of being persecuted by some religious zealots, simply for trying to be themselves?

  • who wants to deliberately limit their career or educational prospects by dressing in the clothing of the opposite gender to which they have been assigned?

  • who would wish to live a life with the conflict between your external appearance and the way you think and behave? And conflict with the way you love? Most Trans women do not consider themselves gay. As they consider themselves women, it is natural that they seek men to love and cherish them, as with any genetic woman

Date and Dating for Transsexuals and Transgenders

Medical interventions favored by Trans women

Then, there are the medical interventions which many Transgender women subject themselves to in order to correctly align their minds and bodies:

  • daily or regular dosage of female hormones: sometimes by gel or patches or more often by injections. These injections can never usually be stopped so T-girls are committing themselves to a lifetime of medication;
  • cosmetic beautification surgery: not all Trans women have surgery but many do. From the more routine rhinoplasty (nose) surgery to the more complicated and painful feminine facial surgery (“FFS”). This can involve the reduction of Adam’s apple, reshaping of the jawline or removing ridges from above the eyebrows which are more pronounced in people born as ostensibly male. It might involve enhancing the cheekbones or bringing the hairline forward. All costly and painful procedures;

  • almost without exception, T-girls want to have breast implants. Having nice breasts is as important to a Trans woman as they are to a genetic woman. Taking female hormones can make breast tissue grow but usually not significantly. Breast implants can be in various sizes and, to some extent, the sizes chosen depend upon the stature of the person. The operation itself is relatively straightforward and quick, but it is very painful and it take a few days before the discomfort starts to subside;

  • then the big one! Having your genitals reassigned is not something which every Transgender woman elects to do. Some T-girls dislike their penis intensely and simply cannot wait to have it removed; others live it with and accept it is as just another part of their anatomy. Yet other Trans women do not have their male organ removed for karma (beliefs), cost or religious reasons. Then, there is the pain and potential complications plus the ongoing care for at least the first 3-6 months post-operation. If you can imagine the stress and distress of leading up to and having such surgery, then you will better understand what Trans women go through. Of course, for many Transgender women, this is the final step in making them “complete” women and so they never consider not doing such an operation.

Transgender women are just a different type of woman

Many of the women on IDate Transsexual will, possibly, be at different stages in their journey. Their perception of what it physically takes to live, work and play as a woman may vary between different T-girls. Yet, the overriding commonality is that Trans women are just that, women. So, you should always treat them as such, and respect and take care of them as you would any other woman. Transgender women or Ladyboys or Trans-pinay, whatever you wish to call them, can be loyal, loving partners to a genuine man!