Virtues of dating a Transsexual woman

“Andy, you really should join IDateTranssexual,” I said, as my Transgender girlfriend, Celia, went into the kitchen to prepare lunch. “It’s got to be about the best site on the ‘net for Transgender women. There are profiles of so many beautiful Trans women.”

“Is that where you met Celia?” Andy, one of my closest and best friends, asked. He’d arrived in New York the day before for a couple of days en-route to Pattaya. It was his first trip to the United States and he planned to stay in “Sin City” for a week or so before heading back to Australia.

Finding the right Transgender woman is not that easy

“Yes, it was. It’s funny but I had to use a dating site such as IDateTranssexual to find a trans-woman I really liked in the United States. Surprising as, after all, the country is sometimes known as “home of the Transgenders”,” I smiled. “There are plenty of Trans women everywhere in The United States, as you know. You can see them on the street, in bars and clubs or working in shops, government office and, generally, just about everywhere across the country.”

“So why didn’t you find a T-girl to date in one of those places?”

I checked to see where Celia was and that she couldn’t hear what I was saying. “I actually did. In fact, I dated a couple of T-girls before I met Celia. We had dinner, met up again a few times and so on. But I just didn’t seem compatible with any of them. We didn’t have the same interests and goals. Some of the girls I met just wanted a short term, paid, liaison but I was looking for something more serious.”

Celia strolled into the living room and said, “Lunch will be in about thirty minutes. I’m making Pad Thai and green curry, is that okay?”

We both immediately nodded our agreement.

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Transgender women are very special

I watched Andy admire Celia as she turned and walked back towards the kitchen. “Quite something isn’t she? Beautiful, great figure… and very intelligent. Got a Bachelor’s degree in economics”, I said, proudly.

“Yes, I can see why you are in love with her,” laughed Andy. “But this is my first time in Asia and until yesterday I’d never been to the US. And, certainly, never met any transgender women. I just thought I’d find a nice T-girl in New York.”

“Well, maybe you can, but I like to be sure about exactly who I am talking before meeting. I like to make sure there is some commonality between me and the Trans woman I am thinking about dating. And with IDateTranssexual you can do all this from behind your keyboard. Saves a lot of time and effort.”

“Hmm…,” murmured Andy. “I see your point. Are there are other T-girls from Europe and the US or Australia on the site too?”

“Yes, indeed. There are Transgender women from all over the world. You can choose who or how many T-girls you want to chat with. Then, take your time to get to know those who appeal to you.”

“True, but I’m not yet 100% sure I like Transsexuals or want to date a T-girl. I’m definitely curious, yes. But do I want to date a Trans woman and get into a long-term relationship? Truthfully, I haven’t really made up my mind,” Andy responded. “Anyway, what’s so good about dating Trans women, apart from them being really rather beautiful?”

“Here, have a look at this list I made a few weeks back,” I said, as I walked across to the top drawer of my writing desk. I lifted up some papers and took out a sheet of paper which I handed to him. “When I was first looking to date a Transgender woman, I did a lot of research and talked to some men I know who had dated T-girls. Then, I summarised all of the good points about dating a Trans woman.”

“And this was all before you dated Celia, right?”

I nodded.

Andy scanned the list. He occasionally nodded slightly as he looked down the items, absorbing the points I had written. Every now and then he said a few words: “Beautiful… yes. Feminine; often more so than genetic women… yes, I can see that. Strong and determined characters, yet demure with it… yes, if you say so. Loyal and loving… hmm. Great at sex and a strong sex drive….” He looked at me inquisitively, asking with his eyes if this was true or me just being facetious.

“For the last point yes, definitely,” I said. “Plus, don’t forget, Transgender women can’t get pregnant!”

He was just about to say something else when Celia came back into the room with a trolley full of aromatic Thai food. “Time for lunch,” she called cheerily. “Jim, help me put these dishes on the table, will you? I’ll just get the chilli from the kitchen and then we can eat.”

“Yes dear.”

“The food looks wonderful,” said Andy, again watching Celia’s bottom as she was leaving the room. “Oh…, Jim, make sure you give me that link for IDateTranssexual before I leave, will you?” he added. “I think I will definitely try that site.”