Transgender women are “born this way”

You probably like to spend time happily looking through the profiles of all of the beautiful Trans woman on iDateTranssexuals. But have you ever stopped to think what being Transsexual is really all about? Do you really know much more about Trans women other than many are seriously attractive?

You may be new to the Transsexual dating scene or have known about it for years. You may have had a T-girl as a girlfriend before. Or it may be your first time to get to know a trans-woman or Trans-pinay from Asia or a Transsexual woman from the UK or Brazil.

No matter how well you think you know Transsexual woman, let us give you some more background and information about them. After all, you wouldn’t be a member and looking through iDateTranssexuals if you weren’t interested. Plus, of course, there is so much greater awareness of Transgender women nowadays, everyone seems to know a T-girl!

Some background on Trans women

  • Transsexual women have been around since time immemorial. Think back 3,000 or 5,000 years to the ancient Chinese or Roman empire days. There were eunuchs, gay men and women, cross-dressers, intersex people and, of course, Transsexual women. It’s just they were not called Transsexual back then. Some Trans were in the great armies, others in the courts of the Emperors. Some were entertainers, others simply business ladies. But they all had a following of men keen to date the. So, nothing much has changed, really;

  • being Transsexual is a result of what is now called “gender dysphoria”. This is where the body of a person does not match the mind. It is essential for most Trans people to have this resolved and have their mind correlate to their bodily appearance;

  • having gender dysphoria is a genetic-based issue and cannot be changed. Recent research suggests it is caused by a hormone imbalance when the unborn fetus in the womb receives too much estrogen or testosterone, as the case may be. This results in the brain of an, apparently, male baby having female characteristics. To some extent, they may also have other female traits. It might be, say, a female shape to their bottom or soft skin or very long eyelashes. This is not all that surprising if you think about it as we are all part of our mothers and part of our fathers. But it does help explain why some males are very feminine and vice versa;

Being Transsexual is irreversible and cannot be changed

  • it’s important to know that no dreaded “conversion therapy” or another remedy to cure a Trans person will ever work. Conversion therapy was first tried out on gay men in an attempt to get them to be “straight” but also has been used on Transsexual people. It usually involved some form of punishment if they admitted to or displayed gay thoughts or mannerisms. Shockingly, there are still people in the US or Eastern Europe, for example, who believe this works. And usually, a high percentage of them are religious zealots!

  • being Transsexual is just like having brown eyes or natural red hair or being 2.0 meters tall. It is very little, if anything, you can do about it—except take medication, ie hormones and live in the gender you feel most comfortable with;

  • Transsexual people (men and women) are in every country in the world. If you name the country you will be sure to find someone who is Trans. They may be hidden away from society at large due to prejudices or discrimination. Or they may live openly;

  • there are Trans people of all races: Caucasians, Chinese, Africans and Arabian. From all strata of society: rich to poor, well-educated to not. Transsexual people also work in all professions from commercial or military jet pilots to doctors to the man who drives the local bus, to your friendly shop keeper;

  • some of the Pacific Island and Native American communities, for example, hold views opposite to those in “western countries”. They actually celebrate diversity and respect people of the “third gender” as Trans people are sometimes called;

  • it’s seemingly only in the more “civilized” societies such as the US or Brazil where religious intolerance and dogma have demonized Transsexual people of late. Deliberate misunderstandings and falsehoods about Trans people being pedophiles or wanting to attack women in bathrooms are put out by conservative, religious types. There is no evidence to support such claims but prejudices still run high;

  • amongst the Transsexual community, there are disproportionately high self-harm and suicide rates. This is more so amongst younger people where many do not know that they are Trans or why they are Trans. Instead of being offered help and advice, many are shunned. Or they are rejected by their families and loved ones. It’s a bit like the problems the gay community had 30-40 years ago where they had to remain in the closet. However, it’s much hard for the Transsexual community as some T-girls do not look like the stereotypical view of a woman and cannot blend in;

  • being openly Transsexual can be dangerous. Murder rates of Trans women, especially in the US and other conservative societies, which are much higher than the average. In the US in 2019 there have already been over 20 reported murders of Trans women so far

It’s fair to say that many men looking at the T-girls on iDateTranssexuals do not realize all of the challenges Trans women face. But with greater awareness of Transgender issues and rights, this will change. And every man with a Transsexual girlfriend or wife can help with such change….