Transsexual women usually get asked similar questions

Being from Holland, I am well organised and like to keep all things in my life neat and tidy. So, when I joined iDateTranssexual, the well-known dating site for Transgender women, I wanted to make sure my profile was in good order. I also wanted to be open with any man who showed interest in me.

My name is Maisie and I am a 26 year old post-operative Trans woman. I live in a suburb of Amsterdam and commute into the city to work every day. Fortunately, my employers are accepting of my T-girl status, as are my colleagues.

Many Transgender women follow the same pathway

Yet, like so many Transgender woman, I was finding it hard to find a genuine man to date through so-called “conventional” channels. There are just too many variables in looking for a man in clubs or restaurants. iDateTranssexual, on the other hand, offers much more chance, or should I say certainty, of meeting the right man. Plus, a higher degree of security and safety. Getting to know a man in public who may not realise you are Trans can sometimes be scary and upsetting.

Once I had set up my profile on this famous T-girl dating site, I had what I thought was a great idea. I’d make a brief “timeline” of my Transgender journey for men who were interested in me. That way, I figured, would save time and enable them to know what many typical Trans women go through. It also gives an idea of the ages I was at different stages of my journey.

I was able to have full gender reassignment surgery just over two year ago and have been living contentedly as a T-girl since then

So, here goes, here is my “Timeline”:

  • byage 3or 4 I knew I was not quite like other boys. I had no idea why, but I just preferred to play with the girls and their toys. I had this feeling of not being male;
  • at age 6, I wore a dress to a fancy-dress party, and it just felt so natural. I really felt I was one of the girls. When it came time to change back to male attire, I was distraught;
  • when I was 8, I got caught by my father wearing my sister’s clothes when he came back home from work early. He was very unhappy and scolded me, but my mother finally managed to calm him down;
  • between 8 and 12, although I had promised my parents I wouldn’t, I continued to dress in female clothes whenever I could. I kept my hair as long as I was allowed and, fortunately, it was the fashion of the time for boys to have long hair;
  • at 13 I heard the word Transgender, plus other words such a Trans women and T-girls, for the first time. At last I realised there were others like me in this world;
  • at this age, the internet was more readily available so I researched what being Trans was all about and realised that this was me exactly. I was a female on the inside but with a male exterior. Within a few months I had met many other Trans women in Amsterdam (mainly on line). I learned that there was an active LGBT scene with Trans women from all across Europe living in the city.

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Starting on the Transgender route to “completeness”

  • I persuaded my parents to take me to a gender counsellor when I was 14, and finally he agreed that I should go on “puberty blockers”. These help delay the onset on male puberty. For example, they stop the growth of facial and body hair and prevent your voice from getting too deep. One key purpose of such blockers is to buy some time so that an informed decision on your gender can be made;

  • with the oestrogen I was taking, my appearance was so feminine by the time I was 15 that young men kept asking to date me. They thought I was already a female. In part this was true, as I knew unequivocally that I was T-girl. It was only a question of time before I would complete my transition to being a full-time woman!

  • shortly after graduation my parents allowed me to have breast implants as I turned 18. When I woke up from the operation and saw that I finally had my own breasts I cried with happiness. I was just a few steps away from being a complete Transgender woman;

  • between 18 and 22 I dated several men when I was at University but preferred not to get overly intimate with any of them. I never liked my penis and saw no use for it. I felt it wasn’t really part of me;

  • happily, I was able to have full gender reassignment surgery just over two year ago and have been living contentedly as a T-girl since then. My vagina is fully functioning and I am now both emotionally and physically a woman. I am truly ready to date and enjoy a long-term relationship with a man who understands and loves Transgender women.

It’s been quite an eventful journey, with some major challenges along the way. But now I am here on iDateTranssexual and ready to talk and meet with someone I like. I hope my timeline helps you get a better understanding of T-girls as my story is really quite typical of many Transgender women.