Things to consider before you propose your Transsexual Girlfriend

The hardest move you can make, regardless of whether you are the transwoman or gentleman in the relationship is to decide whether it is the right time to get engaged. Sometimes you think you are in love but at the end realize that your feelings just suddenly dissipated, nowhere to be found. At the same time, saying yes to your beau can also be a difficult question to answer.

If you want to ensure that you are heading in the right direction and in order to arrive at the best decision, we share with you here some considerations before saying yes to a future transsexual woman spouse.

1. Are you sure you really love your transsexual girlfriend?

Love is such a complicated thing. You may know it within a short amount of time or confirm it through a longer relationship. However, what really counts is how you feel. You have to gauge if you are really ready to take the big step. Deep down inside you, you really know the right decision.

2. Are your partner’s goals aligned with yours?

Did the marriage topic ever come out of your conversations? If you haven’t talked about it then probably it is not best to pursue a marriage proposal. The important thing is for you to know if your transgender or gentleman sweetheart has thoughts of being with you in the future. Without it, there may be no future for the two of you.

Moreover, if you know that things are complicated especially with your future plans, it is time to talk about it deeply or at least arrive at a compromise so you both can meet in the middle. If there’s no solution, at least you become aware ahead of time that things aren’t going to work out no matter how painful it might be.

3. Can you afford to get married?

It is easy to say that you’ll be with a person forever and accept each other quirks. But the reality is expenditure is a vital aspect of any marriage. You will both live in the same house, buy things whether for the house or personally, travel together, and many more things. However, the right question to ask is, have you both agreed on a reasonable budget and where to get your future expenses?

If it is unclear and if you are both at a stage where you cannot spend enough money to be together, you have to think twice about pursuing an engagement. You don’t want your transwoman or gentleman partner to get excited and be disappointed in the end because you’ve suggested something that will not probably happen because of lack of money. As with any marriages, the expenses are shared or for others the more financially capable shoulders all the expenses. In the end, it is all up to your arrangement what’s going to happen.

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