Some questions you might want to ask about Transsexual women

For almost every man who wants to meet and date a stunning Transsexual from iDateTranssexual on Valentine’s Day there will be some questions and initial doubts. “Am I right to be dating a Trans person?” “Why am I so attracted to Transsexuals?” These and other concerns are fairly consistent and quite neatly fall into two main categories.

Dating a Trans woman for the first time can be enthralling, exciting and full of anticipation, whether it is Valentine’s Day or not. Many men will ask themselves further questions such as, “Is it the same as dating a genetic woman?” or “What shall I say or not say to my Transsexual girlfriend?” or “What shall I tell my friends and colleagues if they ask?”

But these are only relatively minor questions compared with the two big ones which constantly reoccur. Almost all of the members of iDateTranssexual have asked themselves or their close friends these questions at one time or another. They are, firstly: “Am I gay for wanting to date a person who may have been born male?” and secondly: “What am I going to do when it comes to having sex?” The last question being rather topical as we head towards Valentine’s Day. The most romantic day of the year and a day which some equate with jumping into bed with your Transsexual partner and making love all night!

Lots of questions about Trans-women on Valentine’s Day or another time

Let’s do our best to address the above two questions but, most importantly, don’t unduly worry or overthink things. Plenty of men who are in long-term relationships with Trans women have been there before you, had the same concerns... and got over them! There is no point to doubt yourself. If you are attracted to a Transsexual woman, so be it… now read on:

  • if you take the view that a Transsexual is fundamentally female with (or without) an extra body part then there is no question of a man being gay if he dates her. Emotionally Trans women are female and many have corrective or confirmation surgery so that their physical appearance aligns with their mental state. Even without such surgery, most Transsexuals are just like women.

However, it is not usually possible to distinguish the vast majority of, certainly, Asian trans-women from natural women from their external appearance.

Key thing to consider about sex with a transsexual woman

  • having said the above, maybe the questions about sex are more difficult to address. If you already have a Trans partner, you might be planning to get her back to your place on Valentine’s Day for some romance.

If this is to be the first time, three primary things to consider:

  • is your Transsexual girlfriend pre or post op;
    • what is her sexuality as compared to her gender which we have already determined to be female; and
    • what are your preferences?

Taking each one of these points in turn:

  • if your new beautiful Transsexual girlfriend is post op (ie she has had her penis removed and a vagina formed) then sex may be more straightforward. You can penetrate her as you both desire. It’s very likely that, if surgery was undertaken by an experienced doctor your girlfriend can still climax as any woman might;

Date and Dating for Transsexuals and Transgenders

  • to many men it gets more interesting with pre-op Transsexuals, especially if they have a “working” penis, and not only on Valentine’s Day. The effects of certain hormones mean that some Trans women can no longer get erections and so their organ remains flaccid and is just something that happens to be there during sex. On the other hand, some Trans women can still get erections but prefer not to have their penis involved in any sexual activity. You will, obviously, need to clarify this point before you start playing around with your partner’s penis;

Pre-op Transsexuals offer various “permutations”

  • now, what about a pre-op Transsexual with a working penis? Well this links in to the third point above about your preferences. Some men are very comfortable from the outset with their Trans girlfriend having a functioning penis. It can be very much part of sex play and, clearly, gives both partners more options. It’s easy to work out: Is reciprocal penetration agreed to by both parties or are you content to enjoy mutual masturbation or fellatio?

Usually, if the aim is to give maximum sexual satisfaction to your partner, all of these issues can be worked out. Maybe by trial and error, but see what works best for you both. On the other hand, some men take more time to get used to their partner having a penis, even though they may have attractive breasts and look and behave like a woman;

  • and, so, we come to sexuality. Most Transsexuals may certainly prefer men but some are often also comfortable having sex with women. Furthermore, they do not see themselves as gay when sleeping with a man, mainly as they consider themselves women and, hence, in a hetero relationship.

For the “Transsexual novice” this can all be a bit overwhelming. It seems as it there lots of sexual permutations. Yes and no. The best way forward after you have got to know the Trans woman you met on iDateTranssexual is to bring the conversation slowly around to sex. Find out about her preferences and likes in this regard and work together to please each other.

No matter what your initial reservations!

By the way, if it is going to be your first time on Valentine’s Day, good luck, take it easy! If not, I’m sure you can find another romantic day to consummate your Trans relationship!