3 months of dating a Transsexual woman

Goodness me, is it really three months since I started dating Dawn, a Transsexual woman I met on iDateTranssexual? Where has the time gone, it only seems likes yesterday we met online and started “dating”?

Of course, I knew a certain amount about Transsexual women, otherwise I would not have wanted to date one. But, honestly, I thought I knew more than I did. Dawn has taught me a lot.

In fact, dating a Transsexual over these last three months has been both a revelation and an evolution. It’s maybe a little like regular dating but with some added ingredients and surprises.

The evolution of my relationship dating a Transsexual

To me, what’s the most interesting has been the evolution of our relationship. And, yes, I know all relationships evolve but my point of view about Transsexual women has changed almost 180 degrees. This change of view might show my previous ignorance about Transsexuals, but I like to think the change has been because of Dawn.

Let me explain a bit how I used to think and compare this with how I do now.

Once I’d made a decision to join iDateTranssexual and try to date a Transsexual woman, deep down I knew it was more to do with curiosity than seeking a life partner. I’d had a few relationships with genetic women, plus had met a couple of cross dressers and Trans women in the clubs in the city where I live. Yes, I felt I was ready for a relationship with a Transsexual woman but subconsciously just planned to date a few Trans women, see how it went. I was picking women just for their looks and the fact that I felt Transsexual women had an edge in sex appeal. In summary, I suppose the best way to describe was that I was objectivising Trans women. Not quite a fantasy but not far from it.

I actually “dated” two other Transsexual women before I met Dawn. The first was over a six or so week period and only online, whereas I did get to meet the second woman, Lucy. We met twice, in fact, but there was no “spark” there. Possibly because of me and my overall attitude. Although to be fair, I guess I was still a novice in the Trans dating stakes.

Dating a Transsexual woman opens your eyes

To my sincere regret, I think that I was still the same when Dawn and I started dating. I had clearly hadn’t earned much from my time with other Transsexual women. Fortunately Dawn stuck with me and, perhaps she saw the real me behind the “curiosity seeker” facade I was showing.

The more I got to know her, even as early as our third date, the more I realised that she was not just an object of desire or lust. She was not just someone I wanted to be with to see what was between her legs or how her breast implants looked when she had no top on. She was not someone I wanted to be with out of pure curiosity about Transsexuals.

No, I wanted to be with Dawn because she was beautiful and fun and gregarious and loving and... a woman in every sense of the word. Just because she was (is) a Transsexual woman doesn’t make her any less of a woman.

Date and Dating for Transsexuals and Transgenders

After three months dating a Transsexual woman

So, after three months being together, almost every day, I have come to realise and appreciate many things about dating a Trans woman.

In the case of Dawn, I have:

  • learned to admire her inner strength in overcoming the constant stream of challenges which seem to come her way simply as she is a Transsexual woman. These can be major such as getting confirmation of her rights to health care. Or minor such as having to fill in 20 forms (I exaggerate a bit) simply to have her driving licence amended to her “girl name”;
  • a strong yearning to protect her from the evils of the world—and these seem to be greater for Trans women than many other minorities. You only have to look at the number of unprovoked attacks on and murder of Trans women in the US last year to see what I mean;
  • come to a point where I simply love her unconditionally for what she is. A smart, fun loving, caring woman, just trying to do her best with her life. I also no longer care what others think or may say if they ever find out Dawn is Transsexual. It’s my (or our) business, not theirs;
  • importantly, no longer think of Dawn as a Transsexual woman. Just a woman. And beautiful one at that!

If you are at all interested in Transsexual women, have a look iDateTranssexual and read some of the profiles of the women listed thereon. You might be as lucky as me and find your own Dawn too!