It's not hard to find a Transgender woman to date

“I must be one of the youngest male members on IDateTranssexualI said to my Trans girlfriend, Ellie. I was scrolling through some of the profiles of male members on the site. “Most of the men looking for Transgender women on the site seem to be much older than me. I wonder why?”

“Hmm…, maybe it’s because you were only looking to meet me,” laughed Ellie. “After all, I am still only 19. I’m much too young for anyone over 40! No.., seriously, I think it’s different for the younger generation like you. You have grown up with the internet, know all about social media, Facebook, Twitter etc. You know that you can communicate with almost anyone, anywhere in the world, in seconds. T-girls in Thailand or The Philippines; or Trans women in Los Angeles or New York. There’s no limit to your choice or the place your new Trans girlfriend can come from.”

In the past, Transgender women were harder to find

She paused for thought. “Plus, let me ask you, how old were you when you first heard about Transgender women? Or saw someone Trans on TV or in the cinema?”

“Yes, good question. I first knew about T-girls when I was about 8 or 9, I guess. I saw a really beautiful Trans woman on one of those reality TV shows. My father then explained about the so-called third gender. Also, I rather liked to watch some of the Trans beauty pageants from Thailand on cable TV,” I answered.

“I imagine, for the older generation growing up without internet or social media, it was difficult to make contact with Trans women from anywhere else but their local area. Now, of course, a man can register to become a member with IDateTranssexual quickly and easily. Literally within a few minutes, he can start looking for T-girls to date. And, yes you are right, there are Trans women on the site from all over the world. Actually, it’s hard to work out just how many T-girls are available on these sort of dating sites.”

“Well, if you look at Trans matters from the perspective of someone older,” began Ellie again. “When they were growing up there was probably simply no information available about Transgender women. If they were a man who is now over 40-45, I bet they couldn’t find anything useful about T-girls in their local libraries or newspapers.”

“True,” I said, thinking how frustrating it must have been for the older generation to miss out on meeting all of the lovely, Transgender women I’ve been lucky enough to meet!

It’s easier for modern Trans women to meet genuine men

“In fact, my parents always tell me how lucky I am to be born in this generation,” continued Ellie. “I can simply take a few sexy photos with my smartphone, upload them onto my profile on IDateTranssexual. Almost within minutes, I can get messages from men from all over the world. We can chat, learn all about each other. Find out about each other’s likes and dislikes, careers, hobbies etc over a period of days or weeks before we meet. I don’t have to get ready, get the train to the city and hang around bars and club. When I’m there I’d be hoping I might, on the off-chance, meet a nice man who wants a genuine relationship with a Trans woman.”

“Same goes for men too,” I quickly added. “For a man looking for a nice Transgender woman to love and cherish it’s just so much more effective to join a specialized dating site. I’m realistic enough know that you can meet 5, 6 or even 10 Trans women before you find the one who is right for you. At least with online dating you can do that from the comfort of your home and sitting behind your keyboard. Saves so much time and effort.”

Trans women value safety and security

“Don’t forget that for T-girls we have the added issues of safety. Have you seen the number of murders of Trans women in the US this year? It’s appallingly high. There’s nothing worse for a Transgender woman than to be talking to a man in a bar or club and she is not sure if he knows she is Trans. The dilemma is: does she tell him at the outset? Or does he know already. If he doesn’t know and she tells him, will he get angry as if he is been trying to somehow trick him?”

“Hmm…, difficult one to answer. Some men simply don’t know if a girl is Trans are not. They may have no experience of T-girls or the girl is just so feminine there is no reason he can know. I really don’t condone any man getting angry with a T-girls. All he has to do is say, thanks, and walk away but you know some men are so macho.”

“Another great reason to only date online using a site such as IDateTranssexual. Everyone knows the status of each other at the outset. Men know we are Trans women. We know they are men.” Ellie laughed. “What they don’t know is some of us still have a penis which we can use, ha ha…”

“Ellie, trust you to always think about sex!”