iDate Transsexual undertook a survey about Trans dating

In conjunction with iDateTranssexual, the leading Transgender dating site, we recently undertook a comprehensive survey. It comprised a large representative sample of their members and potential members. We asked some of men who use the site a variety of questions about dating Trans women. And, of course, we talked to a lot of T-girl members to get their views and opinions.

Objective of Transgender dating sites

Below is a summary of some of the key points which emerged. The reasons for both men and T-girls using the site were quite similar. In fact, you can see there is some cross-over in the answers from both the men and Transgender women. Not surprising really as this is what makes the site an ideal meeting point for people with mutual interests and intentions. And also, it meets one of the site’s core objectives of bringing people together to date. Helping men find their dream Transgender woman and vice versa!

What did the men think of Transgender women on the site

Of the men we interviewed, apart from the beauty, grace and femininity of the Transgender women they had met through iDateTranssexual, these are the key observations about using the site to date T-girls:

  • the wide variety of Transgender women on the site is very appealing. There are T-girls the US, UK and European countries such as Holland, Germany and Denmark:

Heinz from Germany said: “The choice of T-girls looking for men to date is huge and I see new girls on the site every few days. In fact, I log-in a couple of times per day just to chat with some of the Trans women I really like.”

  • men who use the site feel comfortable knowing all the women they are talking to are T-girls looking to date; there is no room for any misunderstandings:

Gerrit from Amsterdam: “There’s nothing worse than talking to a girl in a club or bar for an hour or so only to subsequently find out she is not a Transgender woman. It wastes the lady’s time and mine.”

  • time is not of the essence. In other words, you can take your time getting to know the Trans woman who may become your long-term partner from the comfort of your own home; you can get to know each other at a steady pace:

“A London boy” said: “I like T-girl dating site because you can get to know the girl you are talking to well before you meet. You can ask her what you feel you need to know about Trans women and she can ask you about your life, career and hobbies.”

  • many of the T-girls on the site have good academic and social backgrounds; it seems many Transgender women have something to prove and so work or study harder:

Pierre from Lyon said: “All of the T-girls I meet on the site seem remarkably well educated. It’s as if they have had to study harder to gain acceptance. Then, at work, they seem highly motivated.”

What Transgender women feel about men on the site

Of the Trans women we interviewed, whether they were T-girls, Trans-pinay or Ladyboys here are some of the key comments about the men they had met through iDateTranssexual:

  • generally, the men on the site looking to date T-girls knew a lot more about what it means to be Transgender than other men. Most had done some research into Transgenderism and gender dysphoria:

Karen commented: “It’s refreshing to talk to men who seem genuinely interested in T-girls for a long-term relationship, and not looking for a quick short-term sexual encounter. Most men I meet are sensitive when asking personal questions.”

  • most men seemed sincere and genuine, with a true understanding that T-girls are emotionally women. This is despite the fact they may have been born with some male physical characteristics:

Lucy believes: “You can tell if a man is genuine if he has some empathy for Trans women and understands that we are, fundamentally, first and foremost women. We expect to be treated like women and have plenty to give in return.”

  • of great importance is the security and safety aspects a site such iDateTranssexual can offer T-girls looking to date. Men already know they are talking to a T-girl and, so, are unlikely to get angry or violent if they find this out later:

According to Marcie: “Many Transgender women fear for their safety when they are out in clubs or bars and a man starts talking to them. It’s the fear of what the reaction of the man will be if he doesn’t know you are Trans and subsequently finds out that you are”

  • most T-girls were very pleased with the variety of men on the site, partly in terms of the physical and temperamental differences. But, partly, also the myriad of countries the men came from—clearly a much wider choice of available men for a Trans woman looking to seriously date:

Lucy: “Name a country and you can possibly meet a man from there on the website. We all know people from different parts of the world have a different outlook on life. It’s quite exciting to think I can date a man from the US or Spain or Holland even though I am Trans.”

So, there we have it. A distillation of hundreds of comments and points of view. Keep a lookout for our next survey!