“I was in a nightclub” story by a Trans-woman

In the last six months, several of the Transsexual women whose profiles are listed on iDateTranssexual have emailed us about the same topic. “Meeting men in night clubs.” They went to explain how their experiences encouraged them to join the famous iDateTranssexual.

Many Transsexual women, certainly before there were great dating sites such as iDateTranssexual, found it hard to find genuine, reliable men. They’d spend so much time getting ready, taking a taxi or train to the city center and going to a bar, restaurant or night club. There, they’d wait around, have a dance and maybe a drink and wait some more. They were waiting for nice, handsome man who was looking to meet a T-girl to talk to. And, if they got on well, maybe they’d arrange to meet again and have a “date”.

But the chances of meeting such a man were low, although it seemed as if Transsexual women had little choice. They wanted to find man in their own town or city. A man who could love and cherish them just as he would a genetic woman. So, the Trans women were patient; and waited; and waited. And, sometimes, one of the T-girls would meet a man and they’d hope this would be the start of something romantic for them.

Now this is where some of the emails we mentioned above come in. One of the emails which seems so typical was from Rene in The United States who describes herself as a Transsexual woman or Trans-woman. It mirrored the experience of Karen from Antwerp in Belgium. Two Trans women from a different side of the world, and who have never met. But both had stories about meeting men in nightclubs.

Without specialized dating sites, all Transsexual women have the same sort of problems

In this case, we’ll just tell you about Rene’s experience but you can see it’s a worldwide problem for Trans women who don’t use specialized dating sites. Rene told us: “I was in a popular night club in Susi Villa Tplayground, New York with three other Trans-pinay friends. There were several other Transsexual women there too. Some of them I know to say “Hello” to, but didn’t know their names.

We had a few dances together and we’re generally keeping ourselves to ourselves, yet having some fun. But, of course, keeping a look-out for a good-looking man or two. You know, almost all Transsexuals dream of finding that “perfect date”, starting a relationship and settling down.

I’d noticed a couple of men standing by the bar nears us and, when my friends went dancing, one of them came over to me. Goodness, he was handsome. I guessed he might be from the American Navy as a lot of sailors get “shore leave” in New York. And I was right, he said he was a Lieutenant on one of the big ships which had docked in Manila Bay. He’d been to The United States several times before and said he thought that US Transsexuals were amongst the most beautiful girls in the world. Of, course I’d heard this sort of talk before so just played along with him.

Transsexual women need to be treated with respect, not scorn

One by one my friends came back but James stayed talking, and gradually my friends drifted off to dance again. He was charming and funny and I felt we were really getting on well. We talked for over half an hour and I told him that I’d not long graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. I talked a bit about my plans for my career. James bought me a drink (non-alcoholic as I don’t drink alcohol!) and we moved to sit at a quieter table. He sat really close to me and I noticed his arm was along the back of the sofa. Then he started playing with my hair and saying how beautiful and sexy I was.

It was at that point I made an innocent mistake. I said that once I’d got a job I’d save up and have the final operation. At first, he didn’t seem to hear me. But, suddenly, he stopped what he was saying and asked: “What operation?” There was an awkward silence between us for a few moments. “Oh…, my gender confirmation operation,” I said calmly, taking a deep breath. Then I added slowly, almost not daring to say the words, “I thought you knew I am a Transsexual woman?”

James’ face turned a funny shade of red as realization dawned on him. He stood up and slammed the glass he was holding down hard on the table. “What the hell? You mean to tell me you’re not a real woman?” he shouted. His voice so was so loud that people nearby turned to look at us. “I’ve a good mind to punch you, you Transsexual xxxx-er!” And with that he stormed off, nearly knocking over a waiter in his rush to get away from me. He turned and look back. “If you come within 10 meters of me again tonight, I will punch you!”

I was so upset, I started crying. Two of my friends had seen the commotion and rushed over to help console me. “How could he turn on me just like that after we were getting on so well? He was so angry. I am truly a woman, whether he likes it or not…”

Suzy put her arm around. “Don’t worry, he’s not worth it. And anyway, we’re leaving now, let’s go home and get you registered as a member for iDateTranssexual. I’m sure you’ll find a loving, caring man on the site in no time at all!”