Emotionally I am a woman, even I am Transsgender

There are two key aspects to being a Transgender person.

There is the physical, outward appearance which, with minor differences, every Trans person has in common with almost others on this planet; and there is the inner psyche, spirit, mind…, call it what you will, which is unique to each and every one of us. In fact, in days gone by, and even now within some native peoples, such as those living in North America or Fiji, there are still references to Transsexual people possessing “two spirits”—so you might say we’re doubly blessed!

Dating a Trans woman

If you are looking to date me (or any Trans woman for that matter), or just be my friend, associate or lover, there are some things you really need to remember when talking with me about shopping or business or life in general.

I am a woman, first and foremost. I may, unfortunately, have traces of some so-called male physical characteristics, as sleight as they may be, (in reality, even the most beautiful Ladyboys from Thailand or Trans-pinay from The Philippines on iDateTranssexual or Trans people from the US or Europe do have some too) but, hey, many good-looking genetic women have inherited their father’s nose or legs or hand shape.

But these male type characteristics aside, ask any male to female Transsexual and the answer will be consistent: fundamentally, emotionally I am a woman. I think like a female, act like a female and, more often than not, like to look at and then date guys, just like any female would.

Hormones, relationships and challenges

Let me take this one step further and explain a little more:

  • if I didn’t already have a relatively high oestrogen or female hormone content ratio in my body, it’s very likely that, as with most T-Girls, I am supplementing this by taking female hormones either orally or by using gels.

  • Most Trans women will take at least two, maybe three, types of hormones and, as you’d expect, different hormones produce different effects on the body.

  • The key affects that you need to know about: mood swings; susceptibility to get upset; reallocation of fat on our bodies to give us a more feminine shape; softer skin and thicker hair and, hopefully, and importantly, some natural breast growth.

  • even for those Transgender people not partaking in using hormone supplements, then I can assure you that, as with most male to female T-people, my outlook on life is from a feminine perspective. Sure, there are some people who transition from male to female who retain their love of driving fast cars, fixing motorbikes or engaging in physical sports but these tend to be in the minority. Most of us like shopping for clothes, doing our make-up or hair and looking as good as we can.

I am not being sexist or condescending, just telling it like it is!

Relationship with a T-Girl

  • We view the world just like any women does, being aware of the discrimination (ie the “glass ceiling” for women in many businesses) and prejudices women face in general society but, conversely, how much power women can exert if they really try.

  • if you looking at iDateTranssexual.com and are wanting to date me, simply want to try a relationship with a T-girl or actually only want to seduce me to find what’s in my panties, as long as you remember that you are dealing with a female, that will be fine. You will then know that I can be sad and happy, maybe even at the same time; jealous and upset by small things; need comfort and attention when things are not going right. Of course, if we do date and get as far as the bedroom, I need to be treated like any woman: surprise gifts always welcomed, whisper sweet nothings in my ear and hold me tight when you give me pleasure or I give you yours!
  • the last thing to remember for now about Trans people is that we face challenges and awkward situations every day of our lives; whether we are a Ladyboy living in liberal Thailand or a professor or senator who has transitioned in LA. Emotionally we will deal with these challenges just as women do: sometimes, we may be almost inexplicably upset and distraught, sometimes stoic and unyielding.

Understanding transgenders

For anyone looking to get to know me on a more personal level and/or date me, I am open minded and fair; for anyone wanting to know more about what it is really like to be Transgender I am happy to share my experiences (good and bad). But, if you are a curiosity seeker who thinks I am just a “man in a dress” who is confused about his/her gender identity and presentation, it might be best you don’t come and introduce yourself or try to get to know me.

All I ask is that you try to appreciate and understand the finer points of being a Transgender person first: indeed, my best advice is simply to always think of any T-girl you meet as just another woman!