How do you tell him that you are Transgender?

If you have recently met a man on iDate Transsexual then the question in the title doesn’t really apply. If you are a member of this popular dating site for Transgender women you will know that all men who join such a site are looking for a T-girl. They know that all of the women on the site classify themselves as Transgender women.

This will avoid any misunderstanding on the part of the man about the status of his new-found lady friend. But it also helps Transgender women avoid any possible problems as the relationship develops. The last thing a T-girl wants is an angry, upset man who claims not to know she is a Trans woman. Not to mention the time wasted in getting to know someone who turns out not to be genuine and have no wish for a long-term relationship with a Transgender woman.

Trans dating on iDate Transsexual

Yet, joining a specialized dating site such as iDate Transsexual is not possible for everyone and, indeed, some Trans women or foreign men choose not to join for their own reasons. It may be that the Trans woman is either living in very remote location and cannot arrange to meet with any man she finds on a dating site. Or it may be that she is not fully out as Transgender and has to be very cautious about having her photos and details appearing on websites on the internet.

Similarly, with some men. Even though there is far more tolerance and acceptance of Trans women nowadays, some men do not wish to be seen as actively looking to date Transgender women in the UK or the US. Or it may be that some foreign men are not yet 100% sure that they want to date a T-girl. They can look at the photos and admire the Ladyboy beauties but keep their feelings and intentions to themselves.

Albeit that such men and those T-girls who choose not to use a T-girl dating date are very much in the minority, there are still a fair number of such people. If not using a dating site, men will try to find a Trans woman in a restaurant, bar or club. Or maybe some other public place.

If dating on iDate Transsexual then the question 'how to tell I am a Transgender?' doesn't really apply.

Men looking to date Trans women

The big danger here to both parties is obvious. Men looking for a genetic woman to date will frequent the same public places as men looking to date T-girls. Similarly, Trans women are not limited to where they can go to find a man to love them. So, we have both T-girls and genetic women in the same place. And we have men looking for Trans women and men looking for genetic women all co-mingled!

You know how it is in the US or UK or other western countries. People like to get out at the weekends and party. Drink beer or wine, have a good time; and look for a partner with whom to build a relationship.

So, let’s say you are feminine looking pre- or post- op Transgender woman in a night club. A handsome man comes across and starts talking to you, maybe offers to buy you a drink. He is very nice and someone you feel you can get to know and form a relationship with.

But, immediately, some questions start to cross your mind. Does he know I am a T-girl? Or does he think I am a genetic girl? How will he react if he doesn’t know I am Trans and finds out by accident? Or if I tell him now will he walk away or, worse still, get angry and upset?

Let’s say you decide not to say at the outset and you talk for another hour. Have another drink. You are getting on well and he clearly is attracted to you. And you to him. Maybe he starts touching your arm or your shoulder. Or even slips his arm around your waist.

Do you tell him now?

Another hour goes by and you have a dance or two. More drinks. He suddenly holds you tight and maybe tries to kiss you lightly on the cheek. Of course, you are all excited by his touch and presence and you feel your breasts swell, and your nipples harden. Depending what’s between your legs, you can feel there is sensation there too. Your breathing changes and, when he goes for the big kiss, you are ready to sink into his arms and see where the night takes you.

Should I tell him now?

Your handsome companion whispers into your ears about making a move to somewhere else. Somewhere quieter, maybe even back to his place. You are very aroused sexually and are longing to continue with the passion that he has ignited in you. He too, is getting worked up and you can feel by his mood changes that he is ready for sex. As he pulls you close you can feel his hard cock against you. It rubs through the soft fabric of his trousers against your leg and excites you further.

You breathe deeply, savouring these moments of passion, but still concerned whether this attractive man knows about your true gender status. Now, he asks you to leave with him. Have some fun back at his place.

Do you tell him now?

Decisions, important decisions. All of which may affect your safety.

Of course, one way to prevent any and all problems is to join a dating site such as iDate Transsexual where all members know what they are getting themselves into. They know all of the girls are Transgender from the outset, so you are not going to get any upset or angry men to contend with…