Finding the right Transsexual woman

It must be just over 6 months since I joined IDateTranssexual. As many men do, once I joined, I fired off messages to all of the beautiful Transgender women on the site who appealed to me. Given that I have always been interested in Trans women, it was a bit like being in a candy shop. Everything and everyone looked so nice and I wasn’t sure which/who to pick first.

The choice of T-girls on the site really is quite amazing. Women from the UK, the US and, of course, Asia. The girls who really appealed to me were Ladyboys from Thailand and some of the Trans-pinay girls from The Philippines. I’d go beyond saying they were beautiful, rather that they were stunning.

Transgender women live all over the world

Yet, I’d done enough of my own research about Trans women and was pragmatic enough to know that you don’t fall in love with a profile! So, I chatted with each and every woman who replied to me. There was Anna from the United Kingdom; Betty from Spain. I talked online for quite a while with Rosy from somewhere in the mid-west of the USA, and then there was Louisa from Brazil. I really liked Louisa but she was from a very religious family who didn’t approve of her being Trans. I could see problems there if we got serious. Plus, her English was not that great, so sometimes we had a hard time truly understanding each other.

Another T-girl I spent a long time talking to was a Korean Trans woman who was living in Munich, one of the cities I really do like in Germany. She worked for a Korean tour group and shuttled between Munich and Vienna. Seriously beautiful, Kimmy was pre-operative but planning to have her gender confirmation surgery in one of the famous Dutch clinics. She had already had breast implants and overall had a great figure and lovely personality. Over a period of about six weeks we got to know each other well and were planning to meet up in Munich one long weekend. But suddenly, out of the blue, she got a much better job offer back in Korea. I could tell she was torn about staying in Munich but going back to Korea on a much better salary meant that she could have her surgery earlier. We promised to keep in touch but a long-distance romance with any women, never mind a Transgender woman, needs careful nurturing, planning and dedication.

Patience is needed to find the right Transgender women

Whilst I was upset to see Kimmy go back to Korea, I knew there were other beautiful Trans women on IDateTranssexual. I could chat to them, eventually meet and develop a long-term relationship. I was still in touch with two or three of the other T-girls I had messaged when I first joined the site. However, we were in the category of “good friends” rather than potential lovers.

So, I looked again. I knew there are new Trans women joining the site everyday and, one Saturday, just on the off-chance, I logged on. Co-incidentally, as I later learned, it was the same day that Jeannie joined the site. Originally from The Philippines, thereby making her technically a Trans-pinay, she had been in the UK for just about two weeks. She was on an initial two-year contract with the National Health Service of the UK government. There is a chronic shortage of nurses and other medical staff in the UK and Filipinas have been employed for years for such roles.

Actually, I was quite surprised that a Transgender woman from The Philippines had been employed by the UK government but, hey, if she has the necessary skills why not? On a personal level I, of course, was delighted that a beautiful, very attractive Trans-pinay was now living only 20 miles from me.

A perfect match with my ideal Trans woman!

We hit it off straight away, and messaged each other daily. We shared experiences and

I learned all about Jeannie’s upbringing in a small city north of Manila. She also told me in detail about the challenges she faced being Trans in a very religious, conservative environment. Her plan was always to get away from The Philippines and, after graduating from college, enrolled in a nursing course. She knew such qualifications would always be in demand. Fortunately for her, the UK government was more concerned about her experience and qualification than whether she is a Transgender or Trans-pinay or cis-gender woman.

When we finally met up, I knew I had met the T-girl that I had been looking for all this time. I gave a silent prayer to IDateTranssexual for bringing us together. That was almost three months ago.

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt movement next to me as Jeannie turned over in bed. I glanced at the bedside clock and decided that I’d stay alongside her in bed for another thirty or so minutes. I wrapped my arms around her and snuggled into her, feeling her body warmth as I did. She mumbled something and reached for me, looping her arm around my neck. I closed my eyes and took a deep sigh. I knew that the next half hour or so was going to be as pleasurable as the last time we did what we like doing!