Basic etiquette when dating Transsexual women

Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to find a Transsexual woman to date on one of the multitudes of dating sites such as iDateTranssexual. You sign up, establish a profile and you can start looking to date a Transsexual woman literally within minutes.

If you are serious about dating, however, there is far more to simply contacting a Transsexual woman on a dating site, meeting her and establishing a relationship. For many Trans-oriented men this may be their first time they have ever been in touch with a Transsexual. They may have wanted to have done so previously but never had the courage. Or maybe they were a little bit intimidated by meeting a Trans woman or concerned about how to act or what to say.

A short summary of the evolution of dating Transsexuals

It’s amazing sometimes to reflect on how things have changed over the last 10 or so years for men looking to date Transsexual women.

Changes have happened not only in terms of visibility of Transsexuals and, albeit, grudging acceptance from society at large, but also in terms of dating. Judging by the numbers of T-girl dating websites you can find on the internet, there is an ever-increasing number of Trans attracted men looking to date Transsexual women.

Trans-oriented men nowadays are looking for Trans women on a more qualitative basis. That is, most are not looking for a Transsexual as part of their overall fetish with girls who are different. No, it’s but because they recognize that such Trans women are equally affectionate or as much fun to be with as genetic women.

Another big change is that there is also no longer the taboo or need for secrecy about dating a Transsexual woman. After all, most people who watch TV or see documentaries or travels oversea to, say, Thailand or some of the larger US cities, are familiar with Trans women.

Date and Dating for Transsexuals and Transgenders

Following the right etiquette when dating Transsexual women

Who isn’t nervous on the first date with someone new? You want to impress the lady you meet, want her to think what a great guy you are! Most Trans attracted men have dated genetic women before, so dating a Transsexual should be easy, right? After all she is still a woman….

Just as you’d follow certain “rules” and be on your best behavior when dating any woman for the first time, do so when dating a Transsexual woman. Just be doubly sure about some of the protocols and etiquette involved. Especially if you want a second date with your Transsexual beauty!

When dating Transsexual women….

Some of our great tips for making your relationship with a Transsexual woman go far…

  • everyone likes to know some history about their potential long-term partner but don’t go asking too much, too early about your Transsexual date’s former life. That is, avoid asking in great detail about the way she lived when was deemed to be male. For many Transsexual, this was a very painful, upsetting period of their life. Lots of confusion, especially around the age of puberty. And perhaps not much support, or even rejection by the people around her, such as school friends or even parents and other family members.

Most Transsexuals look back on their pre-transition days in a negative light.

  • if you get to a stage when you want to introduce your Transsexual beauty to your friends, there is no need to mention that she is Transsexual. Whilst there is no shame in being Transgender, many Trans women do not see the need to broadcast the fact. Of course, close family and relatives may eventually get to know but, again, it’s not imperative. You might not be able to avoid telling your mother as, almost certainly, she will one day ask about when you will be starting a family!

Transsexual women can be sensitive about certain things….

  • in the Transsexual community, there is a serious great dislike of being what is called “dead-named”. Or “dead-gendered”. This is when someone who should know better refers to the Transsexual lady in question by her former name. For example, if “Mary” used to be called “Martin”, to now call Mary by the name Martin is dead-naming Mary. Similarly, to call a Transsexual who is presenting as a woman: “he”, “him” or use terms such as “his” is dead-gendering a person.

This is a serious breach of etiquette and you may find that your Transsexual date doesn’t want to be with you any longer if you or your friends persist in doing this. Of course, the accidental, unintentional slip-up is forgivable!

  • and the last one, which I think you can probably guess…. Don’t ask the Transsexual women you have just met on a date what surgeries she has or hasn’t had. You wouldn’t ask a genetic woman if she has had breast enlargement or personal questions about her vagina, would you? So, why ask a Transsexual woman whether she has had breast surgery or if she still has a penis.

Yes, sure you may be keen to know, but take your time and keep your patience. Ideally, let your Transsexual lady from iDateTranssexual bring up such matters, as this shows she is willing to talk about these issues.

Happy dating!